Dr. Shay - The Movement DocDr. Shay is a Life-Body Coach. He is known as The Movement Doc. He has spent a great deal of time helping people work through dysfunctional movement patterns that they were not even aware they had. He is repeatedly heard saying

”You don’t know how bad you feel until you feel good!”

Dr. Shay has been studying the mind-body-spirit connection for more than 30 years. His Totifit Coaching program focuses on energy and motion and their affect on our mind, body and spirit. Emotion is energy in motion. Emotion affects our mental, physical, and spiritual strength.


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Dr. Shay is a teacher. His purpose is to love, heal, and praise. He is here to teach and serve. His strengths are love, compassion, empathy, perseverance, and non-prejudice. He has studied energy, motion and quantum physics for the past 10 years. Dr. Shay says, he has always been fascinated by the human body. His fascination grew to include the mind and the spirit.

With regards to the mind-body-spirit connection, Dr. Shay has this to share with us.

I have found that we try to separate and compartmentalize them all. We can not. They are an intricate part of us. They are who we are. It is interesting to me that we tend to focus on one or two but never fully develop the whole. A weakness in one may not be the problem but a symptom. It may very well be your spirit that sabotages your diet and exercise and not your mind or body. Think about it.

Perhaps it is your body itself. The very thing you may want to change that keeps you from succeeding. Yet you work on your will power and stay firm to master mind-over-matter. Stop beating yourself up and let’s find the disconnect.”

Dr. Shay’s TotiFIT Coaching program focuses on energy and motion and their affect on our mind, body and spirit. Dr. Shay believes emotion is energy in motion. 

Emotion affects our mental, physical, and spiritual strength and stamina as expressed in the physical manifestation of our feelings. Energy in motion stays in motion until something stops it. What do we do with our feelings and emotions? We stuff ‘em down, way down until they pop up as something else. We try to stop it. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just changes form. We can recognize when we stuff it down and see the effects in our body and mind. It is our spirit that often goes undetected and neglected. Yet we focus on the body and the mind. Then wonder why we can’t stick to our diet and exercise program.

Our body is made up of our past and our mind is preoccupied with our past and our future. Our spirit is the only thing that can ground us in the present.

What part are you “working” on today?

We are the culmination of them all. To be whole we must be TotiFIT in mind, body, and spirit. The eMotion (read: energy in motion) is what connects or disconnects. We must keep the energy flowing throughout the trilogy. Our body is energy. A body in motion stays in motion until something stops it.

What is stopping your body today?

Barriers to Wellness and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

There are barriers to wellness in our current “health care” model.

* Basic SURVIVAL based on hierarchy of needs – MULTIPLE health problems take precedence.

* Current “Health Care” environment is focused on Treatment of disease instead of a holistic approach, prevention, and active wellness

Our current approach is reactive and not proactive. We scramble AFTER the fact. How often do you go to the doctor when you are “feeling well”? Exactly! You go after something happens.

We are stuck in the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Our physiological and safety needs are not being satisfied

What do we do about it? 

It requires a PARADIGM SHIFT. It requires purposefully DIRECT outcomes to improve

  • Structure & Function
  • Health & Wellness
  • Quality of Life


People often doubt their abilities to improve their health, wellness, and function. Health providers often doubt their patients ability to act on recommendations. “Well, you need to rest more, eat better and get regular exercise. You need to manage your stress better. I know you won’t so Here, take this pill.”

We can’t fully blame the doctor. If you were told to relax more, eat better, and exercise, you’d say “that’s great. I will try, but can you give me something?” We have been conditioned to EXPECT to leave with a prescription. Where in the hierarchy of needs do you think meds keep us?

We must emphasis strength. We must focus on positive quality and capability and not deficits, decline, and negative qualities. We must focus on what we CAN do, not what we can’t. We must focus on the things we can control and not the things we can’t.

There are 6 major dimensions of Health and Wellness. Dr. Shay’s coaching program will focus on all of them.

  1. Emotional – Continuum of feelings, Managing stress, Transition-major changes, Family-Work-Life balance
  2. Intellectual – Stimulate Mind & Mental Capacity, Reasoning, Creativity, Continuing Education
  3. Occupational – Contributing – using vocational abilities, Hobbies
  4. Physical – Taking action to “maintain” health, Exercise, Nutrition, Activities Daily Living, Self-care
  5. Social – Connecting & Interaction with family, friends, co-workers, and others
  6. Spiritual – Life Purpose, Seeking Spiritual Centeredness, Beliefs, Nature, Religion


Dr. Shay’s coaching program is centered around a 7th dimension – Balanced Integration of ALL dimensions of health and wellness.

How the heck do we do that? We are amazing creatures. We are constantly learning, evaluating AND adapting to our environment and experiences. We are a highly adaptive species. This is a double edged sword. Sometimes,(often in today’s dysfunctional patterns) the adaptation occurs in spite of our physical survival. We are encoded to preserve, foster, and develop our soul. If this means premature death or incapacitation of our physical being, so be it. There are many of us walking around dead and we don’t even know it.

The BIG difference from many other coaching programs: THE FOCUS IS ON THE WHOLE OF YOU!

Yeah, How do we do that??!!

Dr. Shay has some information regarding how we adapt, adopt, and integrate EVERYTHING into our being.

We are a highly adaptive species. Like any species, preservation of the species is high priority. Not all species are successful. Well, at least not on the physical realm as we know it.  Death may be a spiritual adaptation in which the physical realm can no longer support or has “outgrown” it.

We go through the adaptation and integration process until we adopt it to our Being. Optimum Performance occurs with a balanced integration across mind, body, and spirit. We once again send it through the hopper to reach optimum potential.

This is also done at the soul level. i.e. past lives, but that is a whole other topic.

There is a LOT going on, ALL THE TIME. How do we focus on our health and fitness goals with all this adaptation, integration and repeating stuff going on? That is where a coach comes in. We are all in this together. We have certain goals (or should have) that are unique to us, but we are all in it for ourselves. BUT… we do not have to do it all by ourselves. We all have a hierarchy of needs. We are all at different levels at different times and in different areas of our lives.

We are creating a community of like minded people (we are all more alike than we let on) to support one another. To facilitate this our coaches and Dr. Shay will be there to hold your hand when needed and more importantly let go when needed, despite what fear and your ego may say. Like a BFF that can tell you anything, that’s what this is. Your old self can not hide. So if you are ready to let your truth flag fly, this is for you.

Coach – Someone who is involved with the direction, teaching, and training of an individual.

Our Coaches will simply help you put it all together in a package that is RIGHT for you. A lot of what you will learn in this program, you may think you already know. You probably do. We will hold you accountable to live as you desire. You will hold us accountable to ensure we help you with this.

We will help you sort out, set, and achieve real and worth while goals for various areas of your life. You and your coach will determine just what areas to focus on.

First is to recognize the type of goals you may have. You may be diligent about a particular goal that is totally out of your control.

Outcome goals – Intended result that will occur from carrying out a behavior; a long term measure of strategies effectiveness (the main objectives one hopes to accomplish)

Behavior Goals – Goals framed around activities that are under complete control of the individual. (steps to take to accomplish desired outcome)

Your behavior affects outcome. Outcome goals alone, set you up for failure. Often they are out of your control. A good coach calls you out on your behavior. Positive reinforcement helps you recognize your behavior. Your coach and the community can then help you change it to direct outcomes.

Nos es Solus!

We come into this world alone. (Not really but it is our perception) This is part of our human growth cycle. We are dependent on others to meet our needs. Some of us never get past this stage. (not judgement, fact)

When we grow to self-actualization we realize we are not (nor ever) alone. We realize in fact we are one.

We are all in various stages of growth in various areas and times of our lives.

We are all on our own path. We must grow for ourselves. BUT we do not have to do it by ourselves. Asking and accepting help is not weakness, but maturity. Wisdom comes in giving back to help another.

Accepting and allowing help from another helps them in their own growth. It is noble to assist them on their path.

Nos es Unos!

Totifit is a success coach system fostering healthy ideals that allow people to feel whole again

Maximizing the Human Experience.

How quickly are we dying?

While neither time nor our life line is linear, is is a simple way to demonstrate complex concepts.

Before we are manifest to this physical plane, our full potential is encoded. The intention is set.

We are born and spend our “life” bobbing up and and down vacillating between health and illness.

The closer we remain to optimum wellness, the higher our frequency. A higher frequency is more efficient and delays the speed in which we approach our eventual death.

The closer we remain to premature death the lower our frequency. Lower frequency is not efficient. It takes a great deal of energy just to simply exist. This inefficiency speeds up the process that leads to our eventual death.

After we die the encoded potential is evaluated. How close to it did we come in this lifetime and life form?

3 Keys to living…

  1. Movement – We are designed for movement
  2. Nutrition – We are designed to eat well.
  3. Mindfulness – We are designed to be aware of ourselves and a higher power.


Think about these 3 Keys to living. If any of them are deficient what happens to us????? WE DIE. Maybe not now but certainly SOONER than later. There is great synergy w/ all 3 keys. This is maximized living, Living to our full potential. Living as we were designed. Yet on the other end of spectrum one can negatively influence the others. What happens when we stop moving? We DIE! What happens when we feed our bodies nutrient-poor food? We DIE! What happens when we Lose our Mind – no longer aware of self or others? We DIE! Do you know negative thoughts will KILL you? We are living too short and dying too long. Guess what? We are all dying now. Some of us just way sooner than we were designed.

Sounds great. What are the details of the program.

All levels may take advantage of the following:

  • Private FB group access
  • Bi-Weekly Group Calls (recorded)
  • Webinars / FB live Events
  • Life Number and Profile (based on birth date)
  • Precision Nutrition Program
  • Generalized Fitness Programs (Total Fit Camp) and support for YOUR goals
  • Weekly Office Hours to speak with a coach – Open Call

Do you need a strength coach?
Do you need a fitness coach?
Do you need a nutrition coach?
Do you need a body coach?
Do you need a spiritual coach?
Do you need a business coach?
Do you need a life coach?

What if you could have them all?

Dr. Shay’s Totifit Coaching program is unique to YOUR experience and needs. There are times when you need one coach or the other. In this program you may decide to focus on one, or another. The difference in costs is dependent on how much time a coach will need to customize your fitness programs and how often you wish to speak one-on-one.

The levels are dependent on your needs with regards to time with a coach and level of customized fitness training.

Level 1 is for folks that are OK with speaking with a coach once a month.
Level 2 is for those that desire more time or want to step it up. They will speak with a coach every one to two weeks depending on needs, desires, and outcomes.
Level 3 is for custom training cycles specific to event needs – photoshoot, competition, event etc Those with goals beyond general fitness. (contact us if this sounds like YOU)

$97 USD per month

$197 USD per month








While we focus on YOU as a whole being. A huge part of the program is geared around nutrition and exercise. Dr. Shay has taken two of his most popular programs to develop the bulk of this program. Total Fit Camp and Total Nutrition Camp (with 12 Weeks to A New YOU: A Nutrition Revolution)